World War II Veteran Harry Kone

Harry J. Kone

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165 Ashleigh Terrace, Marietta, GA.

Harry Joseph Kone was born August 16, 1920 in Baltimore, MD to a Baltimore & Ohio Engineer and a homemaker, Harry and Marie Kone. They were loving and devoted parents to their only child. Harry grew up in Baltimore and attended Mt. Saint Joseph High School graduating in 1938.

Soon after, Harry moved to Milwaukee, WI on a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin to help develop children’s programming for the early days of television. He lived in a co-ed boarding house off the lakefront in Milwaukee along with 16 others – taking their meals together every night. It was there he met the love of his life, Marjorie, who he would marry years later after World War II ended.

In 1942, as a direct result of Pearl Harbor, Harry returned to Baltimore to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. He was sent to boot camp in Parris Island, SC and from there deployed with the 3rd Marines to Guadalcanal in the Pacific Theater. As a Private First Class, he served at several outposts as a machine gunner and expert rifleman.

Harry was injured at Guadalcanal in a cargo net while being strafed by the Japanese, and sent to New Caledonia and New Zealand for treatment and rehabilitation. He was then deployed to participate in the Bougainville campaign.

In 1944 Harry was sent to Quantico to attend Officer’s Candidate School, but the injuries from his deployments were too severe. So, in 1945, Harry received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps. That same year, the war ended, and Harry, madly in love with Marjorie who waited and wrote to him faithfully during his time in the Pacific, proposed. Within 2 months, they were married and settled in Chicago where they decided to create their life together. 

Not too long after, Harry was struck with TB and Marjorie was told to find herself another boy, because Harry was not going to make it. Well, they cried and they prayed and something told him he was going to make it. And after two years of being hospitalized in the VA hospital in Chicago, Harry walked away a cured and happy man. And their love story lasted 65 years. 

Harry attended Northwestern University thanks to the government, he says, and received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In 1950 his daughter Sue was born, and then in 1952 along came Barbara. It wouldn’t be until 1961 that his 3rd child, Stuart would make his surprise appearance.

Harry spent his life as a dedicated teacher in the Chicago public school system. First in elementary, then in High School and finally at the college level teaching public speaking and English as a second language. He was admired by his colleagues and inspiring to his students

After 50 years in Chicago, Harry & Marjorie moved South to spend time with their 3 children and grandchildren, and now for Harry, his 2 great grands – both little girls.

In 2012, Harry joined Marine Corps League Detachment 647, Marietta, GA and the following year, became a Life Member of The Marine Corps League.

Harry currently lives in East Cobb, Georgia with his daughter, Sue. He turns 99 on August 16.