AVC Oral Histories

Tuskegee Airman James Harvey, the Military’s First “Top Gun”

Lt. Col. James H. Harvey III was a pilot with the 332nd Fighter Group, known as the Tuskegee Airmen. He later piloted on the team that won the military’s first ‘Top Gun’ contest in 1949. Harvey was also the first African American jet fighter pilot to fly in the Korean War. Listen to his remarkable and share it with friends and family. Read More

2020 National Memorial Day Parade

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 National Memorial Day Parade was reimagined as an original television special titled: The National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall. Visit the parade’s page to learn more about this special edition of the parade. Read More

Victory in Europe 75 Years Later

Louis Graziano, Last Living Witness to the German Surrender, World War II

Seventy-five years ago, Allied forces brought an end to Nazi Germany, and to the war in Europe. Seventy-five years later, we remain grateful for their continued sacrifice. To commemorate VE Day, watch our exclusive interview with the last known witness to the German surrender, Louis Graziano. Read More


Veterans Chronicles

Veterans Chronicles

Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America’s greatest heroes in their own words.

Full episodes are available here, as well as on YouTube, iTunes, and Spreaker.

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AVC Oral Histories

D-Day Hero Frank DeVita Recalls Lowering the Ramp in ‘First Wave’ at Omaha Beach

Frank DeVita was in charge of lowering the ramp, the only thing shielding troops from the USS Samuel Chase from rapid enemy gunfire, during the first wave on D-Day. His chilling experience would haunt him for the rest of his life. Watch as he tells his remarkable story of service and sacrifice. Read More

World War II Chronicles

WWII Chronicles Week 1

World War II Chronicles is a radio documentary series produced by Radio America and the American Veterans Center.

From overviews of battles to intimate stories of veterans, World War II Chronicles covers the entirety of the US in the conflict, week by week, so don’t forget to subscribe!

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