Table of Contents

Remembering Admiral and Mrs. Thomas Moorer
Letter from the Editor

A Conversation with Lt. General Harry W.O. Kinnard
The man responsible for Gen. McAuliffe’s famed response to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne – “NUTS!” – recalls his experience.

The Doolittle Raiders
Five veterans of the legendary Doolittle Raid on Japan remember their mission – and their leader.

E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division: The Band of Brothers
Veterans of one of the most celebrated units of World War II share their stories, from Currahee to the Eagle’s Nest.

Fallujah: Two Years Later
In what was the toughest battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom, four veterans recount their experiences, and remind us that the tradition of valor continues among this new generation of heroes.