Letter from the Editor

by Tim Holbert

If you are reading this publication, it is clear that you share the World War II Veterans Committee’s dedication toward preserving the legacy of the men and women who won the Second World War. Indeed, you are receiving World War II Chronicles because of your generous support for the World War II Veterans Committee. Throughout its history, the Committee has striven to provide a forum for veterans to get their stories out, in their own words, to future generations. What makes World War II Chronicles so unique is that the stories contained within it are from the veterans themselves, those who witnessed the war firsthand.

And while we hope that you enjoy the stories contained within these pages, your support has meant so much more than just the publication of World War II Chronicles. From November 9-11, 2006, we held our Ninth Annual Conference, at which, for the first time, the veterans of World War II were joined by those of later eras—Korea, Vietnam, and our brave young soldiers, sailors, and Marines who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conference allowed these veterans to share their stories with several hundred high school and college students, fellow veterans, and members of the public. Additionally, the event was televised live across the nation on C-Span, allowing thousands of Americans to hear from some of America’s greatest heroes. In fact, the response from viewers was so overwhelming, C-Span has since aired replays of the conference four additional times. A full recap of the conference will appear in the next issue of World War II Chronicles.

In the spring of 2006, the Committee sponsored the creation of a new weekly radio series, Veterans Chronicles, which airs nationally on the Radio America network and at www.wwiivets.com. Hosted by Gene Pell, former NBC Pentagon Correspondent and head of Voice of America, Veterans Chronicles features interviews with the veterans who were witnesses to the great and tragic moments in American military history. The American Veterans Center and World War II Veterans Committee’s association with Radio America has also allowed us to have many of these veterans as guests on other nationally syndicated programs, such as the G. Gordon Liddy Show and Michael Reagan Show, where their stories have been heard by hundreds of thousands of people in over 300 markets nationally.

These are merely a few of the ways the Committee is working to keep the legacy of the World War II generation alive. In the end, however, it is thanks to the thousands of individual supporters like yourself who have made it possible for us to continue this important work of helping to give a voice to our veterans.