Table of Contents:

Preserving Their Legacy
Letter from the Editor

The Invasion of France Behind Enemy Lines
by Laura Ymker
As Allied troops stormed ashore in Normandy, a crucial mission was unfolding throughout German-occupied France

The Story of Two Men on Iwo As Told Through Their Letters
by Mary Beth Kennedy Voda
A Japanese general and an American Marine think of home while preparing for battle

Return to Pisa
by William Kaufman
An American soldier returns to the battlefield, and recalls a choice that haunts him to this day

AWOL in Alaska
by Dr. Walter E. Howard
A story from the often-overlooked Aleutian campaign – the first time foreign forces occupied American soil since the War of 1812

Conspicuous Gallantry on Guadalcanal
An excerpt from the radio documentary series Veterans Chronicles, featuring an interview with legendary Marine Mitch Paige