Table of Contents:

From the Greatest to the Latest
Letter from the Editor

Winston Churchill & His Leadership in World War II
by The Honorable Celia Sandys
The character of the 20th Century’s greatest leader as explained by his granddaughter

The Siege of Bastogne
by Colonel Edward Shames
In the darkest days of the Battle of the Bulge, the 101st Airborne finds its greatest glory

We Needed to Step Up
by Bob Feller
The first professional athlete to enlist in the military following the attack on Pearl Harbor remembers his service

Hiroshima and the Enola Gay
by Major Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk
The navigator of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb dispels myths surrounding the event

Okinawa: The Last Battle
by Donald Dencker
The final land assault against the Japanese proves to be the bloodiest

Witnessing the Holocaust
by Henry Greenbaum
A reminder of why we fought World War II

Setting the Record Straight
Honoring a woman to whom citizenship meant everything