Table of Contents:

D-Day: 60th Anniversary Special Edition

The Story of a Screaming Eagle in Normandy
The D-Day Memories of Donald Burgett
Army Paratrooper, 101st Airborne Div., 506 Parachute Regiment, Company A

Flight Nurse
by Captain Lillian Kinkela Keil
R.N., United States Air Force (Ret.)

The Guns of Pointe du Hoc
As Remembered By Leonard G. Lomell
Army Ranger, 2nd Ranger Battalion

D-Day: I Was There
The D-Day Account of Maj. Gen. J. Milnor Roberts
Aide de Camp to General Gerow of the 29th Infantry Division

Omaha Beach: Easy Red Sector
by Lt. Commander Joseph P. Vaghi
Beachmaster, United States Navy, Omaha Beach

“The Boys of Pointe du Hoc”
Twenty Years Passed
The D-Day Address by President Ronald W. Reagan: June 6, 1984

Speak Out
By Hunter Scott
National Youth Representative, World War II Veterans Committee

A Letter Home
From SPC Ryan Swensen, 1487th Transportation Company

Father Found
The story of a son’s quest to reconnect with a father lost sixty years ago
by Duane Heisinger

Farewell to a True American Hero
Admiral Thomas Moorer (1913-2004)
by James C. Roberts