Congrats to the Winners of the 2016 Veterans Video History Contest

The American Veterans Center is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Veterans Video History Contest: students Carter Bailey & Bradley Taylor. They creatively showed their viewers the service and sacrifice of Vietnam veteran Phillip Lee Carson, and also of all Americans who makes sacrifices by serving their country everyday. Watch their video below.

Carter and Bradley will each be awarded cash prizes for the video to go towards their future plans for their education and career.

The Veterans Video History Contest encourages students to collect oral histories from veterans, so that these timeless stories of valor and sacrifice are never forgotten. By using media to mobilize youth, the Contest connects generations and honors the service of our nation’s heroes, inspiring students to take a greater interest in our nation’s history and freedoms. Carter and Bradley clearly have a deep interest in honoring the legacy of our service members and an eye for creatively demonstrating that process. On behalf of the AVC, congratulations to both Carter & Bradley – you have a bright future ahead of you.