Trimble Tribute at Nationals Ballpark

On September 26th the American Veterans Center, St Albans School and the Washington Nationals baseball team coordinated a “Tribute to Jimmy Trimble” at the Nationals ballpark.

AVC President Jim Roberts and media content coordinator Megan Maggi collaborated on a presentation about Trimble, a rising baseball star who gave up a career with the Washington Senators/Nationals to go into the Marine Corps during World War II. Trimble volunteered for a hazardous scouting mission on Iwo Jima and was killed in a fierce battle on February 28, 1945.
The A/V presentation was shown on the Nationals jumbotron.
The Madrigal Singers from St. Albans School and National Cathedral School for Girls sang the national anthem and the Col. Wesley Fox Young Marines of Sterling, Virginia presented the colors.
Earl Elliot, Trimble’s classmate and teammate at St. Albans threw out the first pitch.

Portrait of Trimble

Trimble pitching

St Albans/National Cathedral School for Girls Madrigal Singers singing the National Anthem

Trimble classmate Earl Ellliot throws out the first pitch

Trimble classmate Earl Ellliot throws out the first pitch