2016 Kennedy Center Choral Festival

On May 29th, Memorial Day eve, the American Veterans Center, in association with Music Celebrations International, co-sponsored the sixth annual Choral Festival in the Concert Hall of Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center.
Accompanying a mass choir of 300 voices drawn from choirs from around the nation, was the US Air Force Orchestra, under the direction of Col. Larry Lang.
Guests of honor at the concert were Dr. David Hodge, retiring President of Miami University and Mrs. Hodge and Brig, Gen. Robert Hardaway III, a former Army doctor and Pearl Harbor survivor.
Mistress of ceremonies was Rita Cosby, 3-time Emmy award winning correspondent and anchor on Fox, CBS and MSNBC.

AVC President Jim Roberts
Mistress of ceremonies Rita Cosby
Miami University President David Hodge and Valerie Hodge
Brig. Gen. Robert Hardaway
President of Music Celebrations International John Wiscombe
Massed choir and US Air Force Orchestra