Lt. Colonel Edward Saylor

Among the 80 men who took part in the legendary Doolittle Raid was Edward Saylor, a young engineer-gunner who volunteered to join Doolittle on his daring mission. After hitting a Japanese aircraft factory, Saylor’s bomber raced toward air bases in China. Low on fuel, the crew was forced to ditch their plane along the coast, and aided by the local Chinese, made their way to safety.

On January 28, 2015, at the age of 94, Lt. Colonel Edward Saylor passed away. We had the honor of conducting this interview with Lt. Col. Saylor at the 2014 American Veterans Center Annual Conference. Please take a moment to watch Saylor’s story, and the story of the Doolittle Raiders. Then please share it with others, so they too can hear this story of valor, honor, and sacrifice that was so common among our World War II veterans.

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