Major Kurt Lee’s Birth date is shared with Stonewall Jackson. January 21st. The Major and I have been communicating for the past 2 Years or so,after I delivered a long held message to him from Colonel Archie Van Winkle, given to me back in 1972 while I served under the Colonel’s Command
with the Military Police, aboard Camp Pendleton, USMC Base, San Diego, California.
The Colonel and I shared many cups of coffee and conversations back then,when I was but a Lance Corporal as a Motor-Pool Dispatcher for the MP’s. He never mentioned that my Father, who was also a Marine, attended the same Radio-Gunner School back in the 40’s with him. For whatever reason, the
Colonel took a liking to me. I once asked him what it was like to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor ?

He asked me not to repeat what he said in reply to my question, while he was still alive. He said that, ” Lee deserved the Medal as much as my Men or I did “. I asked him who Lee was ? All he said was,” some day you’ll know “.They were both in the same Unit in Korea. What some people don’t know is that then 1st Lt. Lee had interviewed Sgt. Van Winkle to head-up one of Lee’s Machine-Gun Platoons, but did not do so because of lack of experiencewith Machine-Guns.

The Major now says he should have. Major Lee is now 88 Years of age and his Health is suspect. He is long overdue for the” Medal” most everyone thinks he deserves. He has personally never asked for, or pushed for it. Not long ago he stated in one of our talks,” The ” Medal ” won’t do me any good if I’m dead”. Major Kurt Lee is a great Man, and a great Marine, as was Lt. Colonel Archie Van Winkle.

Semper- Fidelis to both of them.
Stephen C. McGowan,Lance-Corporal {RET}USMC