I went to visit Normandy and travel the path our Dad’s did after landing on Utah Beach D Day+6 and put this You Tube show together to share the memory.

This is a presentation put together to honor the 951st Field Artillery Battalion

My Father, Omer M Netteberg, was with the Army, 951st Field Artillery Battalion. He landed on Utah Beach D Day +6. He was involved in the Battle of the Bulge and the Hurtgen Forest. He never talked about the war. He received a Bronze Star for “showing outstanding devotion to duty by spending long hours installing and servicing the communications lines under adverse wether conditions, enemy artillery, mortar and small arms fire. As a result of his devotion to duty, energetic disposition and superior character, he substantially aided in maintaining the fire power of his battery.He died in 1997 and I found a great history book that a writer in his battalion published after the war. The writer, Captain Ernest Chamberlain, with notes from other battalion members, did an amazing job. His writing style makes you easily visualize the scene. From his words, “When the bombers dropped their load, you could se the bombs fall, and they appeared to be a bunch of matches.

As they struck the ground, there was a low roar and the ground vibrated. Here was a man-mad earthquake for sure.” Then another great passage, “The evening meal of July 7th was one which will long be remembered. A slice of WHITE BREAD was service with the ration. White read had long before lost its place with the list of common everyday food items. Today it was a reality, a delicacy which was eaten as dessert and tasted more delicious then any cake.”

I only wish I had told my Dad how proud I am of what he did!

Thank you for this great web site.
Veronica Netteberg Johnson