World War II Veterans Committee

A land, air, and sea invasion “the greatest ever undertaken by any nation in world history.” D-Day changed the course of history when Allied forces stormed the northern coasts of France to attack the Nazi advancement plaguing Europe. The rocky cliffs, shallow beaches, and vast airspace surrounding Normandy became filled with British, American and Canadian forces one early fateful morning.

About the WWII Veterans Committee

The World War II Veterans Committee got its start with the highly successful World War II Chronicles radio series. This series, hosted by the late Ed Herlihy – known as the “Voice of WWII” – became a big hit nationwide with over 500 stations carrying the weekly series in the 1990’s. Following the success of the series, the World War II veterans committee was launched and became our nation’s premier organization dedicated to the delivery of veterans stories through all forms of media.

The WWII Veterans Committee and its parent organization, the American Veterans Center, supports a wide range of programs including film, television, radio and publications in an effort to preserve the legacy of the World War II generation for current and future generations. For more information please visit the American Veterans Center at

The World War II Veterans Committee and American Veterans Center are projects of the American Studies Center, a 501(c)(3)non-profit educational foundation. Donations made to either organization are tax-deductible.

Battle of Midway

The Midway Islands in the Pacific carried as a strategic during World War II. The Japanese needed them in order to continue pressing further toward mainland U.S. The victory won by the U.S. in the Battle of Midway represented a turning point in the War and changed the U.S. position from defense, to offense.

The Doolittle Raiders

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 left our nation in shock. While Americans on the home front were still trying to comprehend the horrible event, Colonel Jimmy Doolittle was determined to respond. With only sixteen B-25 bombers, Doolittle led a daring raid that originated fifty miles off Japan’s coast.

AVC Oral History: James Maggie Megellas

Lt. Col. James “Maggie” Megellas of the 82nd Airborne Division participated in some of the greatest action of the European theater throughout the Second World War. Megellas parachuted into Holland during Operation Market Garden, which would lead to his battalion’s contribution to the Battle of the Bulge throughout winter of 1944-45. Maggie would demonstrate acts of valor in the Belgian town of Herresbach that would make him a legend among World War II veterans and American heroes.

Memorial Day

Nearly 150 years ago, Memorial Day was proclaimed a day to decorate the graves of soldiers and loved ones lost in battle. The 2005 restoration of The Annual National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. celebrates the memory of our U.S. service members who paid the ultimate price to preserve the freedom we enjoy today.

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