Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America’s greatest heroes in their own words.

Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses to the great, and tragic, moments in military history. From D-Day to Iwo Jima, Khe Sanh to the “Hanoi Hilton”, Baghdad to Fallujah, the liberation of Grenada to the liberation of Afghanistan; Veterans Chronicles is history told from the perspective of those who were there.

Included in each show are archival recordings, which take listeners back to a time when heroes were made. The program also includes short features, including “Heroes of the Air,” “World War II Chronicles,” and “Vox Pop.”

The host of Veteran’s Chronicles, Gene Pell, has spent much of the last half-century as an award winning broadcast journalist. He has been both Moscow Bureau Chief and Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News, and for twenty years was news anchor for the NBC affiliate in Boston. He is also former Director for Voice of America and President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Veteran’s Chronicles is available on iTunes and at Radio America. The url for RSS subscription is:

Veterans Chronicles

Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America's greatest heroes in their own words.Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses to the great, and tragic, moments in military history.

Profiles in Valor - Dr. Dave Hnida
In this Profiles in Valor, Dr. Dave Hnida, author of "Paradise General: Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Iraq", shares his story of tending to American service members wounded during a critical period in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Major David Rozelle
In this episode, Gene Pell speaks to Major David Rozelle, author of the best-selling book "Back in Action," and a recipient of the Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart for actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Rozelle was seriously wounded by a land mine in Iraq, losing much of his right leg below the knee. He would be the first amputee to return to active duty in Iraq, and has worked extensively with wounded service members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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Sgt. Jason Arellano
Sgt. Jason Arellano served with the United States Marine Corps during the initial invasion into Iraq in 2003, where they were welcomed by many grateful Iraqis who saw the Marines as liberators. When he returned for a second tour the following year, he found himself in a far different situation, in the middle of the toughest battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom - the Second Battle of Fallujah. Here, he would witness first-hand the brutality of the insurgents that controlled the city, barely escaping with his life.

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Joseph L. Galloway
In this episode, Gene Pell speaks to famed war correspondent and author Joseph L. Galloway, co-author of the acclaimed best seller "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young." Galloway is the only civilian to be awarded the Bronze Star by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, for actions he took in saving the lives of wounded American soldiers during the battle at LZ X-Ray. Along with co-author Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, Galloway has written a follow-up to their original book, titled "WE ARE SOLDIERS STILL: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam."

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Harley Reynolds
This week's guest is Harley Reynolds, veteran of the 1st Infantry Division during World War II. Joining the Army prior to United States' entrance into the war, he would go on to serve throughout the European Theater, taking part in the invasions of North Africa and Sicily. Then, on the morning of June 6, 1944, he would be among the first Americans to set foot on Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy.

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