Pub_MedChron World War II Chronicles takes its name from the popular radio series featuring Edward J. Herlihy. From overviews of battles to intimate stories of veterans, World War II Chronicles sought to keep the legacy of the “Greatest Generation” alive. This publication was discontinued when American Valor Quarterly was debuted.

Summer 2007

Our Other Mission Letter from the Editor Sinking the Rising Sun: Dog Fighting and Dive Bombing in World War II by William E. Davis The man who helped deliver the final blow to the last Japanese aircraft carrier to take part in the attack on Pearl Harbor remembers his experience. Baseball Goes to War by James C. Roberts After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the stars of America’s pastime knew there was only one team they wanted to play for: the United States military. Okinawa: The Typhoon of Steel with Donald Dencker, John Ensor, Leonard Lazarick, & Renwyn Triplett The Japanese Empire makes its last stand in the final major battle of history’s greatest war. Currahee! with Donald Burgett The veteran of the 101st Airborne Division and legendary author shares his story. An excerpt from the radio documentary series Veterans Chronicles.

Spring 2007

Thank You Letter from the Editor Omaha Beach and Beyond by John Robert Slaughter The invasion of “Bloody Omaha” as told by one of the thousands who experienced it first-hand.. The Battle of Attu by Major William S. Jones, USA-Ret For the first time in 130 years, American soil is occupied by a foreign army. Here, one man recalls his experience in taking it back. WWII: A Legacy of Letters by Clinton Frederick Caring for the Fallen: A Personal Story by George Ciampa Beyond Courage: A Musical Tribute to the Survivors of the Bataan Death March A new orchestral work honors the bravery of those who suffered through one of history’s great tragedies.

Winter 2006/07

Remembering Admiral and Mrs. Thomas Moorer Letter from the Editor A Conversation with Lt. General Harry W.O. Kinnard The man responsible for Gen. McAuliffe’s famed response to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne - “NUTS!” - recalls his experience. The Doolittle Raiders Five veterans of the legendary Doolittle Raid on Japan remember their mission - and their leader. E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division: The Band of Brothers Veterans of one of the most celebrated units of World War II share their stories, from Currahee to the Eagle’s Nest. Fallujah: Two Years Later In what was the toughest battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom, four veterans recount their experiences, and remind us that the tradition of valor continues among this new generation of heroes.

Fall 2006

Giving a Voice to Our Veterans Letter from the Editor A Reflection By Hunter Scott, World War II Veterans Committee National Youth Representative Last Man Out by H. Robert Charles The story of one of the few survivors of the infamous Burma-Thailand Death Railway, the ordeal which inspired the film, The Bridge on the River Kwai Bloody Tarawa by Leon Cooper A Navy landing officer remembers the first great amphibious assault of the Pacific War The Sinking of the S.S. Henry Bacon The last Allied ship to be sunk by the Germans. An excerpt from the radio documentary series Veterans Chronicles The Island Experience by Major Bruce Gudmundsson Okinawa - World War II’s final, brutal battle One 11-Millionth of a War by Frank Maleckas The co-pilot of an American bomber survives being shot down over the Pacific Ocean

Summer 2006

  Preserving Their Legacy Letter from the Editor The Invasion of France Behind Enemy Lines by Laura Ymker As Allied troops stormed ashore in Normandy, a crucial mission was unfolding throughout German-occupied France The Story of Two Men on Iwo As Told Through Their Letters by Mary Beth Kennedy Voda A Japanese general and an American Marine think of home while preparing for battle Return to Pisa by William Kaufman An American soldier returns to the battlefield, and recalls a choice that haunts him to this day AWOL in Alaska by Dr. Walter E. Howard A story from the often-overlooked Aleutian campaign - the first time foreign forces occupied American soil since the War of 1812 Conspicuous Gallantry on Guadalcanal An excerpt from the radio documentary series Veterans Chronicles, featuring an interview with legendary Marine Mitch Paige

Spring 2006

From the Greatest to the Latest Letter from the Editor A Lone-Wolf Marine by Guy Gabaldon The story of how one man, dubbed the “Pied Piper of Saipan,” single-handedly captured 1,500 Japanese A Dramatic Rescue in the South China Sea by Rear Admiral Robert W. McNitt An act of heroism aboard one of the most legendary submarines of World War II What I’ve Learned by Hunter Scott Reflections on the World War II generation from a member of the latest generation In Their Own Words Highlighting Soldiering For Freedom: A GI’s Account of World War II by Herman J. Obermayer A Dangerous and Hazardous Mission An excerpt from the radio documentary series Veterans Chronicles, featuring an interview with Yank correspondent Dave Richardson

Winter 2005/06

From the Greatest to the Latest Letter from the Editor Winston Churchill & His Leadership in World War II by The Honorable Celia Sandys The character of the 20th Century’s greatest leader as explained by his granddaughter The Siege of Bastogne by Colonel Edward Shames In the darkest days of the Battle of the Bulge, the 101st Airborne finds its greatest glory We Needed to Step Up by Bob Feller The first professional athlete to enlist in the military following the attack on Pearl Harbor remembers his service Hiroshima and the Enola Gay by Major Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk The navigator of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb dispels myths surrounding the event Okinawa: The Last Battle by Donald Dencker The final land assault against the Japanese proves to be the bloodiest Witnessing the Holocaust by Henry Greenbaum A reminder of why we fought World War II Setting the Record Straight Honoring a woman to whom citizenship meant everything

Fall 2005

The Men and Women who Won World War II Letter from the Editor The Class of 1945 by Ambassador John E. Dolibois Following the surrender of Germany, an American intelligence officer is given his toughest assignment: the interrogation of the Nazi leadership The Mars Task Force: A Personal Memoir by Captain Richard Hale, USAR (Ret) The story behind the most forgotten unit in the most forgotten theater of World War II The Way to Hiroshima by Major Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk The flight of the Enola Gay as remembered by its navigator No Regrets On the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, a statement from the surviving crew of the Enola Gay In Their Own Words Highlighting A Tanker’s View of World War II by C. Windsor Miller

Summer 2005

The Greatest Generation and the Latest Generation Letter from the Editor Over the River and Into the Reich by Ben McCarty The Allied armies strike into the heart of Hitler’s Germany A Victory in Perspective by Geraldine Genzardi The story behind the atomic bomb and the final bloody battles in the Pacific that necessitated its use The Flying WASPs by Adriel Sanders The first female pilots in American military history take to the skies The Last Days of World War II by Wolfgang Nitsch The fall of Germany as told from a different perspective A Farewell to Two Friends Remembering General Andrew J. Goodpaster and Captain Lillian K. Keil

Spring 2005

Iwo Jima: Storming Sulfur Island by Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, USMC-Ret The armed forces of the United States seize one of the most heavily defended islands in the world Raising the Flag on Mt. Suribachi by G. Greeley Wells The story behind the most memorable moment of World War II and an image that would live forever Our Brother by Jean Miller, Josephine Ross, Meri Cox, and Susan Haney Four sisters remember a brother who made the ultimate sacrifice on Iwo Jima In Their Own Words by Donald O. Dencker Highlighting Love Company The Face of a Young Pilot by Justin R. Taylan A Japanese Zero pilot at Iwo Jima fulfills a lifelong wish Uncommon Valor by Steven Mosley A story of the often-overlooked soldiers without whom victory at Iwo Jima would have never been possible Okinawa: A Bloody Prelude to Victory by Hunter Scott The costly final push toward the Japanese homeland

Winter 2004/05

Convicting a Myth by Tim Holbert The true story behind the legend of Tokyo Rose Remembering ‘Beverly’ A tribute to Jean Hay, host of “Reveille with Beverly” Brothers at Bastogne by Tim Holbert The men of Easy Company meet their toughest test and their defining moment The Jersey Essex Troop by Lt. Col. Alfred H.M. Shehab, USA (Ret) The 38th Cavalry Squadron’s gallant stand during the Battle of the Bulge War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific by Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret) The End of Illusions: Religious Leaders by Joseph Loconte Confront Hitler’s Gathering Storm The Hidden Campaign: FDR’s Health and the Election of 1944 by Hugh E. Evans, M.D.

Fall 2004

In Desperate Times: The Liberation of Nazi Death Camps By Jordan Michael Smith Tragedy in the Pacific: A Personal Reflection on the Bataan Death March By Joel DiGrado

Summer 2004

China-Burma-India: The Forgotten Theater By Becky Appledorn Merrill’s Marauders: Heroes of the Burma Jungle By Scott Wentland General Claire Chennault: Leader of the Flying Tigers By Aleea Slappy Speak Out By Hunter Scott, World War II Veterans Committee National Youth Representative Questioning the Questioners: Interrogation Tactics of World War II By Jordan Michael Smith World War II: Sixty Years Later Remembering Liberation, 60 Years of Paris’ Freedom By Scott Wentland In Their Own Words Ready or Not: Into the Wild Blue by J. Francis Angier 1944 October 25, The Longest Mission

Spring 2004

D-Day: 60th Anniversary Special Edition The Story of a Screaming Eagle in Normandy The D-Day Memories of Donald Burgett Army Paratrooper, 101st Airborne Div., 506 Parachute Regiment, Company A Flight Nurse by Captain Lillian Kinkela Keil R.N., United States Air Force (Ret.) The Guns of Pointe du Hoc As Remembered By Leonard G. Lomell Army Ranger, 2nd Ranger Battalion D-Day: I Was There The D-Day Account of Maj. Gen. J. Milnor Roberts Aide de Camp to General Gerow of the 29th Infantry Division Omaha Beach: Easy Red Sector by Lt. Commander Joseph P. Vaghi Beachmaster, United States Navy, Omaha Beach “The Boys of Pointe du Hoc” Twenty Years Passed The D-Day Address by President Ronald W. Reagan: June 6, 1984 Speak Out By Hunter Scott National Youth Representative, World War II Veterans Committee A Letter Home From SPC Ryan Swensen, 1487th Transportation Company Father Found The story of a son’s quest to reconnect with a father lost sixty years ago by Duane Heisinger Farewell to a True American Hero Admiral Thomas Moorer (1913-2004) by James C. Roberts

Annual Review 2003

Assisting the Victors The Story of Robert Balfour, Staffer to Admiral Halsey and General Eisenhower by Tim Holbert Vernon Wendorff, Petty Officer, 1st Class, United States Navy Stories From The Vets Line In Their Own Words Marauder Man by Kenneth T. Brown from Chapter 17: The Ordeal of Flak by Flight 4 General Ray Davis, Medal of Honor Recipient, Dies at 88

Fall 2003

Unparalelled Patriotism: Japanese-Americans in World War II by William Bigham In Their Own Words: Books Authored by World War II Veterans On Celestial Wings by Col. Edgar Whitcomb Chapter 4: Attack on Clark Field Speak Out by Hunter Scott, National Youth Representative, World War II Veterans Committee Stories From The Vets Line Commander Robert F. Turney, United States Navy (Ret) Lou Rosenberg, 448th Medical Battalion

Summer 2003

A Tradition of Sacrifice: African-American Service in World War II By Tim Holbert Speak Out by Hunter Scott, National Youth Representative, World War II Veterans Committee In Their Own Words: Books Authored by World War II Veterans Wings and Barbed Wire By Gerald A. Duval Chapter 28: The Mission Stories From The Vets Line Edward M. Goldman, Technician 5th Class in the 16th General Hospital located a few miles from Liège, Belgium Melvin F. Thomason; CW-4 retired. At the time was a PFC in Company G-335th Regiment, 84th Division Memorial Address-Fifth Marine Division Cemetery, Iwo Jima As recited by Chaplain Roland B. Oittelsohn

Spring 2003

World War II Veterans Remember 1942: The Year the Tide Began to Turn By James C. Roberts Ghost Wings: Honoring the Sacrifices of American Veterans Interview by Tim Holbert Speak Out by Hunter Scott, National Youth Representative, World War II Veterans Committee A Tribute to Two Heroes By James C. Roberts