The 2014 Wounded Warrior Experience will include a discussion profiling several wounded warriors who have served on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with individuals who have worked to ease their transition home.

This is the fifth year for the event, which will once again be hosted by Jennifer Griffin, National Security Correspondent for Fox News. The program will be filmed for a special broadcast on DoD News.

To attend this free event, e-mail or call 703-302-1012 ext. 227


Jennifer Griffin is the National Security Correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). She has been based at the Pentagon covering military and intelligence matters since March 2007.

A graduate of Harvard University in 1992, Griffin received a Bachelor’s degree in comparative politics. She and her husband, Greg Myre, recently wrote a book, “This Burning Land: Lessons from the Frontlines of the Transformed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, about their time in Israel.

Griffin and her husband have two daughters and a son.

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2014 Wounded Warrior Experience Panelists

Lieutenant Jason Redman

United States Navy

Eleven-year veteran of the US Navy SEALs, severely wounded in a firefight in Iraq in 2007. After 37 surgeries, now a motivational speaker, author & founder of Wounded Wear, a non-profit clothing line raising awareness of the sacrifices of wounded service members.

Sergeant John Peck

United States Marine Corps

After being injured by an explosive in Iraq that caused a severe traumatic brain injury, among other wounds, he returned to duty in Afghanistan. In 2010, he was again wounded by an IED, losing both legs and arms, but not his spirit.  Currently a candidate for double-arm transplant.

Sergeant Mary Herrera

United States Army

The automatic weapon gunner for the lead vehicle of her platoon near Fallujah, Iraq, when her convoy was ambushed and she was struck by enemy fire. She continued to return fire until she was hit by a second round, forcing her from the battle.

Staff Sergeant Charles Eggleston

United States Army

While on a tour of duty in Iraq, two IEDS detonated next to his vehicle, leaving him with severe injuries down the left side of his body, nearly severing his spine. Representing Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation.

Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman

United States Marine Corps

Recipient of the Navy Cross for valor in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Author of Shadow of the Sword, chronicling his story in Iraq and overcoming PTS.

Lieutenant Pete Scobell

United States Navy

Seventeen year veteran of the Navy SEALs, with six tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations including the now-famous rescue of the Maersk Alabama. Treated for a severe traumatic brain injury, he is an advocate for awareness and treatment of blast injuries, concussions, and PTS.

Sergeant Matthew Pennington

United States Army

While serving his second tour in Iraq in 2009, his unit was ambushed by an IED, with severe shrapnel wounds causing severe damage to his right leg and the loss of his left. After his long recovery, is now an advocate for improving the lives of our combat wounded.

Lieutenant Chet Frith

United States Navy

After returning from a one-year combat deployment to Iraq, he began noticing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. He now provides assistance to wounded Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and their families to help them combat PTS and other injuries.

Sergeant Adam Kisielewski

United States Marine Corps

Infantry squad leader outside of Fallujah, Iraq when he was severely injured by an IED blast, requiring the amputation of his left arm and right leg. He now serves on the board of directors for Homes for Our Troops.