2010 Parade Program

2008 Parade Program

2007 Parade Program

2009 National Memorial Day Parade

Including over 3,000 participants and drawing a crowd of 300,000, the parade was a salute to the United States Navy. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen served as the parade's reviewing officer. Celebrities Joe Mantegna, Gary Sinise, Lee Greenwood and Ernest Borgnine participated.

2008 National Memorial Day Parade

With special guests such as Mickey Rooney, Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna, the parade, a special tribute to the United States Army Reserve on its 100th birthday, boasted a crowd of over 250,000 and coverage on local television and the Pentagon channel.

2007 National Memorial Day Parade

The 3rd annual National Memorial Day Parade included a special tribute to the U.S. Air Force on its 60th Anniversary, with such legendary Air Force veterans as the Doolittle Raiders, Flying Tigers, and Tuskegee Airmen, and a crowd of nearly 200,000 spectators.

2006 National Memorial Day Parade

The 2nd National Memorial Day Parade was the first to travel along Constitution Avenue, and featured Grand Marshal Gary Sinise, who has been recognized for being one of our military's strongest advocates. The parade included hundreds of service members recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

2005 National Memorial Day Parade

The inaugural National Memorial Day Parade, which was the first Memorial Day parade in our nation's capital in nearly 70 years. The parade was inspired by 2004's Parade Salute to WWII Veterans, and was an attempt to draw attention to the true meaning of Memorial Day.

2004 - A Parade Salute to World War II Veterans

Coinciding with the dedication of the National World War II Memorial on Memorial Day weekend, 2004, the Parade Salute to World War II Veterans was organized and sponsored by the AVC and the WWII Veterans Committee. The parade featured hundreds of WWII veterans, marching bands and military personnel, and was the predecessor to the NMDP.