The American Veterans Center is a project of the American Studies Center, a 501 C (3) foundation, chartered in 1978. The AVC is an outgrowth of the World War II Veterans Committee, which itself grew out of “World War II Chronicles” a weekly radio series co-produced by Radio America and the National Archives.

From 1996 until 2006 the World War II Veterans Committee maintained a growing number of activities. Operating under the motto “From the Greatest Generation to the Latest Generation,” many of these activities focused on educating America’s youth about the legacy of the World War II generation.

In 2005, the National Vietnam Veterans Committee was formed to pursue a parallel education mission for America’s Vietnam veterans.

In 2006, all veterans’ activities were placed under the umbrella of the American Veterans Center, which allows us to honor the service of all America’s veterans, “From World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom,” as well as our active duty personnel. Our mission continues to be to preserve and promote the stories, experiences, and lessons of our military men and women of every generation.