WWII Full Curriculum Available


For over a decade, the World War II Veterans Committee has worked to bring the legacy of the Greatest Generation to later generations. The Committee’s comprehensive World War II Curriculum seeks to give high school teachers a valuable tool in teaching the true history of the Second World War. Read More

A Final Toast Documentary


The story of 80 men – and one mission that changed a war and defined a generation. While the story of the Doolittle Raid has been told many times, this retelling will look closely at the Raiders as individual men, the mission that changed the war, and the legacy they left behind. Produced by the American Veterans Center & Tim Gray Media. Read More

Profile of the Day

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In honor of "Military Appreciation Month," throughout May we will feature daily stories of heroes who have served our nation. Today we are honoring Buzz Aldrin, veteran of Korea, former astronaut, and second man on the moon. Read More


2015 WWII Commemorative Calendar On Sale!

2015 Commemorative Calendar

The World War II Veterans Committee's 2015 Commemorative calendar, featuring the Heroes of WWII, is now available at a new discounted price - now only $10 each or two for $15!

A great gift and a great deal, so order your copy today!

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AVQ Issues All Available Online


Millions of Americans have worn the uniform of our country, and each of them has a story to tell. The American Veterans Center works to preserve and share some of the most unique and incredible stories of America’s greatest heroes. In our quarterly publication American Valor Quarterly, veterans share their own stories, in their own words. All issues of AVQ are now available online!

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