James Maggie Megellas at Herresbach


70 years ago, after the German offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge resulted in a decisive Allied victory, the fighting in the Ardennes region was not yet over. In the Belgian town of Herresbach, Lieutenant Colonel James Maggie Megellas of the 82nd Airborne Division demonstrated acts of valor that would save the lives of many of his men. Maggie was nominated for the Medal of Honor, but a paperwork error would result in his earning the Silver Star. Megellas remains the most decorated veteran in 82nd Airborne history. Read More

Remembering Chris Kyle


CPO Chris Kyle has proved to be an American hero on and off the battlefield, recognizing the importance of giving back to America's veterans. Kyle coined the phrase "It is our duty to serve those who serve us," demonstrating his love for his country and its defenders. At the 2013 American Veterans Center Honors, AVC recognized Kyle's service and the legacy he left among our nation's servicemen and women. Read More

AVC Oral Histories


"Guarding Their Legacy - Honoring Their Sacrifice", the tagline of the AVC, is also the title of our new series of veterans' oral histories. Tune in every few weeks to watch a new story from those who have served with honor over the last 75 years of American military history. Dr. J. Phillip “Jack” London is known for his contribution to the success of CACI International, one of the world’s leading organizations working to fuse information technology with defense and security. Prior to his career with CACI, Dr. London served in the U.S. Navy, witnessing crucial moments of the Cold War and retiring as a Captain. Read More


Now Available! 2015 WWII Commemorative Calendar

2015 Commemorative Calendar

The World War II Veterans Committee's 2015 Commemorative calendar, featuring the Heroes of WWII, is now available for purchase.

A great gift, quantities are limited, so order your copy today!

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Silent Soldiers


SILENT SOLDIERS Spellbound Pictures presents "Silent Soldiers," a song giving a voice and paying tribute to America's servicemen and women. A portion of the proceeds go to the American Veterans Center, helping us fulfill our mission of preserving the legacy and honoring the sacrifice of America's veterans. AVC is always proud to pass along the stories of our country's heroes, encouraging its citizens to recognize their sacrifices.

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